How it all began

Hey, my name is Shona. I've been in the service industry for 20+ years as a server and bartender and throughout those years I've learned a lot. Now I'm looking forward to sharing some of this knowledge and raising your beverage game! I'm really grateful for all the lessons that have brought me to this really special opportunity to share my love of wine with you.

My story

As I mentioned above I've been in the service industry for a long time. I've been a bartender for most of that time but also a server, worked catering events, special events like weddings and full restaurant buyouts.

My love of wine began while working as a bar manager at restaurant on a golf course on Maui. I didn't know much about the bar or wine but I sure did learn a lot fast, mostly the fun way by tasting it! As i began to learn more I fell deeper in love with wine. Fast forward a few years I took and passed the Certified Specialist of Spirits course, all that really means is that I know a whole lot about spirits that no one cares about but I can teach you some things!

A few more years and several cross country moves later I took the Intro Sommelier course through the Court of Master Sommeliers and passed that test. I've been studying and learning more on my own since then. I'm still in the industry so I learn something new all the time. I am certainly not an expert but I started noticing that a lot of people lack basic knowledge about wine and spirits and are actually very intimidated by them. I wrote most of this course years ago, and have taught various versions to coworkers throughout the years. I will talk about wine with anyone for hours if they let me! Someone important to me started encouraging me to get this knowledge out there for the people, and with a lot of help and support here I am. I love talking about wine, and sharing my knowledge and passion. I'm in this unique position now to share that on a bigger scale and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to help you make your own bottle stories.

New Bottle Stories

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I've learned a lot over the years, let me help you up your professionalism and make more money. People are expecting a lot from us these days, truly the better prepared you are the better your tips will be. If you are just entering the profession or feel like you need more training, this course is aimed at kicking you up a few notches.


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