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Whether you are just starting your wine or spirits journey or have been studying for a while and need a boost I have a course for you. These are self paced video lessons that you have full access to immediately. There are downloads in a few lessons for some extra info.

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Wine courses

Wine for Beginners


The goal of this course is to help ease some of the anxiety and mystery surrounding wine. It will give you a basic overview on the topic of wine. A few things we will look at: what wine actually is, some wine terms, mainstream varietals with flavor profiles, wine producing regions, how to open, taste and pair wine. While this course will not make you an expert I want you to finish it feeling more confident and excited to join wine conversations and at least the begin to wrap your mind around this fascinating topic. If you have questions please reach out and I will get back to you soon, otherwise I'll see you on the inside

Wine for Beginners course outline

1. Intro

2. What is wine and why is it so intimidating?

3. Vintage, climate and why does dirt matter?

4.Regions, where are we?

5.Varietals- the grapes

6.Glasses and tasting like a pro

7.Wine lists, the store, ordering and opening

8.Opening bubbly

9. Pairing wine with food, or food with wine

Coming Soon! Advanced Wine Course


This course is for you if you have a good base of general knowledge but would like to kick that up a few notches. We will get more in depth with the topics covered in the beginners course with more graphics, more downloads, and of course longer more in depth videos. We will talk about wine tasting and discuss the steps you can take to impress your friends by having a good idea what the wine is before you even taste it! By the end of this course my goal is to send you out into the wine world with more knowledge, more excitement and a touch more passion for wine than you had before.

Advanced Wine course outline


2.Vintage and all about Terroir

3.More regions

4. More varietals

5.Glassware and tasting

6.Opening, ordering, serving and understanding lables

7.Pairing with examples of some great ones


9.Opening bubbles


The Bar and Spirit families

The bar, cocktails and the spirits to make them


Ever sit at a bar and watch a bartender performing their wizardry? I can teach you some of the tricks. We start out talking about bar tools, terms, and techniques. Then we are taking a look at the spirits families, what makes them different and some of what goes into making them. I'll talk about some cocktails you might come across and how to order what you actually want. I will get into glassware, garnishes, and what I think you should know! I should note that I discuss basic techniques with basic tools, I don't dive very deep into mixology or twenty step cocktails and this is not brand specific so I don't get into the differences!

The bar and spirit families outline

1. Bar glasses and tools

2. Bar and cocktail terms-get the drink you want

3. Spirit family sources and categories

4. Whiskey and Brandy

5. Vodka and Gin

6. Liqueurs and Rum

7. Tequila

Where are my service industry people!?!?

Calling all industry people! I can help! This course is for you, I have been in the industry for over 20 years and I have a few secrets I can share. I will go step by step how to correctly sell, open and serve wine. I will discuss the spirit families and the cocktails you might be called on to make or serve. I will give some sales tips and tricks and add professionalism to your list of qualifications.

If you are a restaurant owner or manager and want help training staff I can help. We can discuss a pricing option for you. I can also come to you to assist with setup, training, and menu creation. Let's chat

Service Pros outline

1. Building trust and upping your professionalism

2. Building trust part 2

3. Wine service, tools, opening

4.Table side wine service

5. Opening bubbly

6.Decanting wine

7.Bar tools, uses and a look at glassware

8.Bar terms and preps

9.Spirit families part 1

10.Spirit families part 2

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