Hey! Let's talk about wine and spirits!

Whether you are beginning your wine and spirits journey or are looking to enhance your knowledge and skill set I have online courses to help you along the way. They are all self paced video lessons, some with downloads for extra info. Every enrollment includes full access to your course anytime, email access to me and periodic wine or spirits report via email. I believe that every bottle tells a story and I want to give you some tools so you can hear and interpret those stories!

Let me show you how to impress your friends

Did you know that you can get a couple clues about what's in your glass just by looking at it? And an even better idea after that first couple sniffs....With practice you can!

Wine for Beginners: demystifiying wine, a basic look at the juice of the gods

Advanced Wine: dig a little deeper and get a better picture of whats in your glass

The Bar and Spirit Families: bar tools and terms, a look into the spirit families and what makes them different and some cocktails that go with those spirits

Service Industry Professionals!!

If you are new to the industry or feel like you need a little more training I got you. I've been in the industry for over 20 years so I've learned a lot the hard way. Let me share some of my insights and experience with you.

If you are an owner or manager and need help with training staff contact me and we'll put a program together. I can come to you for a few hours or a full day of training. Let's talk.

Free Bar Setup Guide

I know setting up your bar at home or in a restaurant can be overwhelming. I have put together some theme ideas, tools, and shopping list for a well stocked bar. Fill out the form below to get an email link to the pdf and don't forget to check out the courses!

Free bar setup guide!

Let me help you get your bar set up right! I have put together some themes and decor, a list of equipment and tools, and of course a shopping list for a well stocked bar. Don't forget to check out my courses! And of course share some of your bottle stories!

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Hi there! I'm Shona

I'll be your guide for these courses!

I'm so excited you're here and grateful for the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with you. I believe that every bottle tells a story and my goal for these courses is to give you some tools to hear those stories. My favorite things about wine and spirits are that you can never know it all, everyone likes something different and no one is wrong! I've been studying wine for a lot of years and am still in the service industry so I learn new things all the time. It's a lifelong journey and this is the first step for some, another step for others. If you need clarification on anything or just want to share a story please send me a message or email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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